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"Enabling Social Inclusion through Digital Inclusion"


ONGC CSR Initiative - DEPUS


ONGC (MBA Basin, Kolkata) and Abheda Foundation join hands to serve underprivileged students of West Bengal. The program being sponsored by ONGC and implemented by Abheda is titled 'Digital Education Program for Underprivileged Students' (DEPUS). The duration of the program is 1 year starting May 2018.

In this endeavor, Abheda has been responsible for giving a scholarship to 45 underprivileged students of Canning and Jhargram, awarding tablets to them, training them up on English using Abheda's own flagship products Abheda English and English CourseTutor, conducting health camps for them,and teaching Science and Maths in an interesting way through special classes. Besides, 50 best students from 25 Bengali and Hindi medium schools of Kolkata are given tablets for learning English. Abheda makes sure to appoint monitors (college goers) to monitor these 95 students.

The target group is a set of students who are from financially challenged families but found to be eager to excel in education. Since digital education is out of reach of these students, Abheda gives them access to some of the best digital applications for self-learning. The students, being monitored suitably, are selected through an exam, learns the contents on their own and are assessed intermittently. 

The crux is that we provide a conducive arrangement for self-learning a foreign language i.e. English. The arrangement comprises a tablet loaded with apps suitable for their learning and liking, regular monitoring by college goers and periodic assessments. The imagination, conception and materialization of this arrangement is the key differentiator here.

However, Abheda's responsibility does not end here. Once the above like skills are honed up by the students, Abheda will make sure that each of them stands in life in the future and becomes a socially aware citizen of India.


·        Exams conducted at Canning and Jhargram after getting nominations from local schools

·        Students selected upon exam assessments and scrutiny of financial conditions of the students

·        Students awarded tablets at presentation functions held at Kolkata, Canning and Jhargram

·        Tablets loaded with Abheda English (written) and English CourseTutor (spoken), the English-teaching apps from Abheda Foundation

·        Self-learning of the apps (and other educational videos and games) by the students

·        Individual care - regular monitoring of the students by college-goers (homework, corrections, family-like bonding)

·        Periodic assessments at Canning and Jhargram

·        Monthly scholarships to Canning and Jhargram students

·        Medical camps organized for keeping the students in the best mental and physical health

·        Special classes held for inspiring students to learn for the sake of learning


·        87% of the Canning students got 80% marks in the Preliminary exam, 50% of them 80% in the first attempt

·        80% of Canning students have completed half of the chapters of Intermediate level

·        Jhargram students lagging behind, but 92% of them crossed the Prelim level finally

·        Kolkata students performing the worst, as there is no scholarship

·        Canning monitors performed very well

·        Koustav Marik of Canning got 100 out of 100 in Prelim exam


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