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"Enabling Social Inclusion through Digital Inclusion"


Operating Model more biggerOur Journey (click to enlarge)

Abheda Foundation is a non-profit trust formed by an ideal mix of philanthropists and IT professionals. It set forth its journey in 2012 with a mandate to serve the underprivileged of India through education. From the milestones achieved, it is evident that our initial objective of serving the underprivileged took the form of digital education in the years to come. Orientation to digital contents and methods then culminated in the launching of Abheda English and English CourseTutor, our free flagship products for teaching English and subsequently many a project for delivery of the apps and more. A big leap, however, was achieved by building Abheda eSchool at Jalangi Murshidabad.

Another major milestone is the enhancement of Swami Vivekananda Scholarship Program in 2017. Though it has been running for long, a push was very much necessary to attract external sponsors and monitors. So through a new initiative 'Extend Your Family' we could add 40 students in 2017. 

2018 should see more energy and synergy in publicizing the two apps (ensuring more downloads), conceptualizing and implementing the processes relating to the scaled-up scholarship program and extending content delivery through more Abheda eSchools.

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