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"Enabling Social Inclusion through Digital Inclusion"

Abheda eSchool

Our Bengal can now boast of its first digital school - Abheda eSchool – which is a special endeavor of Abheda Foundation. Located in Jalangi, Murshidabad, this school institutes a (digital) service to the underprivileged as Abheda Foundation takes the best of technology to the doorsteps of the most deserving.

Digital education thus provided at Abheda eSchool aspires to smooth out differences in teaching levels across societies and geographies. Hence the institute is expected to set a path for other organizations and government to take up affordable digital education in the coming years. Abheda eSchool is slated to become a model digital school in near future.

Here is the overall vision we have at Abheda eSchool. Life Skill Development is the primary objective here. To begin with, teaching English to the underprivileged through Abheda English, our free flagship application, is construed as a major step towards acquiring these life skills while pursuing interests in the form of learning computer operations followed by effective and meaningful internet browsing is a parallel activity. Training on music and painting has been undertaken under Abheda Interest stream as well.

Here are some snaps of the Abheda eSchool:

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