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"Enabling Social Inclusion through Digital Inclusion"


Abheda Foundation offers a unique certificate course Communicative English for professionals and would-be professionals on English communication. Administered completely digitally, the course takes help of two Android apps Abheda English and English CourseTutor for teaching written and spoken English to job doers and aspirants. Additionally, completing the course, the job seekers will be equipped with the confidence to face job interviews

With Abheda English, a participant will self-learn the basics of the English language - to begin with - followed by varied constructs and grammar components, but without their complexities. The whole content is presented with lots of pictures and explanations in Indian languages - Hindi and Bengali at present - and supplemented with innovative quizzes of different types so that the learning is no longer a burden, but a joy. The syllabus is divided into three game-like levels such as Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, and a participant will unlock a higher level to upgrade from the lower level through inbuilt exams. 

With English CourseTutor, the participant will self-learn to master the art of spoken English communication, though some further assistance and guidance will also be provided on practical verbal communication, The syllabus contains conversations and interview Q&A's which one can listen to (Text-to-Speech) by varying speeds, record his/her own versions of, perfect the pronunciations of (Speech-to-Text) and know the meaning of any word of. The conversation chapters range from very simple day-to-day dialogues (e,g, asking a passer-by about an address) to complex exchanges (e.g. negotiating a price). Each interview question has associated sub-chapters such as 'Why this Question', 'Similar Questions', 'Related Questions', 'Do's and Dont's' and 'Sample Answers'. Coupled with a participant's newly gained confidence in English communication, these Q&A's will make the participant interview-ready.

This course Communicative English is a complete guide to teachers teaching at schools or seeking jobs, Under interviews in English CourseTutor, there are many skill-related chapters for teachers and under conversations, lots of teacher-student and teacher-parent conversations on various topics are included to make easy 360-degree holistic learning for teachers. So, teachers will be greatly benefited from completing the course. 

Assessments, formative and summative, will be facilitated again digitally, as Abheda will conduct an exam at the end of the course, apart from tracking usage time and intermediate exam assessments. A certificate will be issued to each successful participant at the end of the course.

The duration of the course is 6 months.

Any individual willing to take up the course may please contact Mr Subir Halder of Abheda Foundation on 9748153036. If any organisation or institute wishes its employees or students to engage in this course, one may contact  Mr Biswajit Mitra of Abheda Foundation on 9830423540.


1. Connect to https://abhedafoundation.org/registration or  https://abhedafoundation.org/ and click/tap the link 'Register' at the top right corner.

2. Enter your personal details and click/tap the Submit button after collecting the Enrolment number from your institute/organisation/Abheda Foundation. Select the fields Institute, Department and Program carefully, because you can not make changes to them later. Remember, this process will register you for a program only.

3. Receive an email from Abheda Foundation titled 'User Account Created' in your mentioned email id. The email has a user id and a password for your account. The mobile number you have supplied is your user id. Use this mobile number to create users for the Abheda apps too.

4. Activate your account by clicking/tapping a link 'Click here' placed in the same email. This verifies your email id.

5. Log in to your profile page https://abhedafoundation.org/login by providing the User id, Password, Institute and Program. 

6. Make changes, if necessary, to your profile and click/tap 'Update Profile' to save the changes. You may change your password (top left button) or set the UIN (for NSOU students). Your email id may be updated too, but you have to verify the email id again, and till such time, no further update is allowed. In case you have changed the email id wrongly, you can re-edit it by the 'Change Email' button. 

7. If the program is a paid one, make payment by the payment button located at the bottom right corner of the profile page. You may pay through debit or credit card or by net banking (small charges may apply). On payment, you will receive a payment receipt from the payment gateway owner. Abheda will also send you the receipt. Along with that, you will now be sent a detailed email with the starter information containing the application form, program processes, how to download the Abheda apps and the lesson plan for the program.

8. If the program is not a paid one, you will be presented with a download button at the bottom middle of the profile page for downloading the application form. Additionally, click the 'Starter Info' button to get an email with the starter information for the program as mentioned in the above point.

9. In case you do not receive the activation email (email id verification), first, check in your spam folder of the email account and if you don't find the email there, you may get it re-sent to you by clicking/tapping on the 'Activate Account?' link located on the login page https://abhedafoundation.org/login

10. In case you do not receive the Starter Info email, first, check in your spam folder of the email account and if you don't find the email there, the 'Starter Info' button on the profile page will get it re-sent to you.

11. Happy Study!!! 

Special Mention

Abheda Foundation has entered into a joint venture with Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU). In this endeavour, Abheda will deliver the same course Communicative English to the pre-primary teachers under a diploma program run by the School of Vocational Studies (SVS) of NSOU. Additionally, Abheda will also take initiative to teach the same course for B. Ed. (Special Education) program under School of Education of NSOU. The course will impart Written and Spoken English lessons, completely digitally, through our apps Abheda English and English CourseTutor. Apart from these two objectives, another aim of this program is to ready up the pre-primary teachers and Special educators in their upcoming job interviews.

NSOU students need not have to contact anybody for registration, however, each of them has to register anyway. Once they register through Abheda's website for the course, they will start learning through our apps Abheda English and English CourseTutor. Their progress will be monitored through the WhatsApp group chat mechanism periodically and the students will undergo formative and summative assessments, again completely digitally. At the end of the course, Abheda and NSOU will jointly issue certificates to successful participants. The duration of the course is 6 months.

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